Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Income Taxes (Details Textual)

Income Taxes (Details Textual) - USD ($)
1 Months Ended 12 Months Ended
Dec. 22, 2017
Dec. 31, 2018
Dec. 31, 2017
Income Tax Disclosure [Abstract]      
Valuation allowance increased   $ 1,400,000 $ 1,100,000
Federal net operating loss carryforwards   13,000,000  
State net operating loss carryforwards   12,100,000  
Research & development (R&D) credits carryforward, Federal   43,600  
Research & development (R&D) credits carryforward, California   $ 43,600  
Description on effective income tax rate The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act pf 2017 (the "Act") was signed into law making significant changes to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"). The Act reduces the federal corporate income tax rate from 35% to 21% effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2017. State net operating loss carryforwards available to reduce future taxable income which will begin to expire in 2033 for both federal and state purposes.  
Description on tax carryforward The Act also provides for immediate expensing of 100% or the costs of qualified property that is incurred and placed in service during the period from September 27, 2017 to December 31, 2022. Beginning January 1, 2023, the immediate expensing provision is phased down by 20% per year until it is completely phased out as of January 1, 2027. The federal R&D credits carryforward will begin to expire in 2034.