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Daniel Yazbeck

Daniel Yazbeck is the founder, seed investor and creator of the MyDx Analyzer.  Daniel leverages nearly 15 years of experience with Fortune 500, as a Scientist for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals specializing in Chemical R&D technologies, and as an Engineer and Strategic Market Developer for Panasonic, creating new products and partnerships in the consumer electronics healthcare industry. Mr. Yazbeck has been a Cashflow Investor for over 10 years, holds a Master of Science degree in Medicinal Chemistry from McGill University, a minor in Marketing, and is a co-Author on several world patents and research publications.  

Dr. Jessica Peatross

Dr. Jessica Peatross is a western trained, board certified medical doctor and Gerson Therapy practitioner who began her journey into healing in 2009 when she graduated from the University of Louisville (KY) Internal Medicine residency program. For 6 years, Dr. Jess worked as a traditional doctor supporting patients in a level 1 trauma center, until she discovered that the mainstream prescription drug based methods of treating people were not working for her patients. 

In 2014, Dr. Jess shifted her focus to practicing in the functional medicine field to get to the root cause of disease so it can be treated more effectively using natural alternatives. She has continued this work with prestigious medical practices including Optimal Health and Wellness and Whitiker Wellness, and is currently seeing her patients in San Diego'spremiere Nourish Medical Center. Dr. Jess is also certified in stem cell therapy and has prescribed cannabis to her patients throughout her practice. Finally, Dr. Jess owns and operates an organically formulated nutraceutical line of products tailored to treating various chronic symptoms and illnesses which can be found on

Nicholas Hadler
Mr. Hadler is one of the co-founders of CDx Inc and has been with the company from the very early stages in 2013.  He studied Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara before pursuing his entrepreneurship career with Yazbeck Investments.  Nick is a seasoned social media expert on all platforms, helping establish MyDx as one of the premiere cannabis social brands within the industry. His in-depth expertise in the cannabis field and product development training under Mr. Yazbeck allowed him to play a critical role in creating the MyDx App that has topped iOS charts! Currently, Nick has transitioned to the role of VP of Operations, helping optimize the company's sales systems and affiliate network, as well better manage the customer service processes and procedures in order to improve the total customer experience & drive revenue growth. Mr. handler reports to CEO Daniel Yazbeck.
Robert Vigil

Rob Vigil is a highly experienced software manager and engineer who has created the MyDx App and has been with the company since 2013.  He has has over 25 years of software development and management experience with both his own online companies and with fortune 500 companies.  He joined the MyDx team early on to help build and manage the foundational software to support the product.

Rob’s background includes being a lead developer and software manager in the U.S. NAVY, SAIC, Jacobs Laboratories, Boeing and Unidev. Over the course of his career, he has implemented and developed many state of the art system supporting U.S. National Defense including development of flight training simulator software for use by the U.S. Navy pilots.   He was instrumental in both the management and deployment of many defense support systems in addition to the flight training simulators.